I do hope you will enjoy staying at Hound Lodge as much as the hounds certainly did.

As the home of the world’s first major foxhunt and also the very reason the first Duke of Richmond bought a house at Goodwood in 1697, The Kennels, and later Hound Lodge, were considered by the aristocracy of the time as ‘the most luxurious dog house in the world’. Indeed the Duke was renowned for spending far more time and money on his hounds and horses than on his friends and guests. So much so that he installed central heating in his kennels a hundred years before it was installed in Goodwood House.

By totally restoring Hound Lodge and putting back every creature comfort known to dogs, we hope we have created something very different. Whether you come to Goodwood to pursue your sporting passions or to spend time away from it all, we want Hound Lodge to be a very special place where you really can feel at home and be properly looked after. Something that was always perfectly normal for the hounds at Goodwood but now can be enjoyed by people too. It’s a dog’s life!

Earl of March

A HistoryOf hounds and hunting
at Goodwood

As the most fashionable pursuit of its time, the Charlton Hunt attracted no fewer than fifty peers of the realm, there really was no other place for an eighteenth century aristocrat to be seen. Among them, the first Duke of Richmond enjoyed the surroundings of Goodwood so much that he decided to make it his home.

His hounds and those that followed were treated like royalty, enjoying spacious living quarters, first at the Kennels and later at Hound Lodge after the former was turned into accommodation. Here it was that the hunt would last for days at a time, with guests and hounds returning to Goodwood House and Hound Lodge in an equal state of excitement.

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The Goodwood Hunt and the creation of Hound Lodge

Seven years after the death of the third Duke of Richmond, his nephew and heir, the fourth Duke of Richmond, gave the Goodwood pack of fox hounds to the Prince Regent and they subsequently died of rabies.

In 1883, the sixth Duke of Richmond re-established the Goodwood Hunt with his son, the Earl of March, as Master. The Kennels were converted into dwellings for the huntsmen and whippers in and entirely new kennels were built across the road for the hounds: Hound Lodge.

The new kennels (Hound Lodge) were modelled on Lord Leconfield’s kennels at Petworth, with four draw yards in front. To their right a flinted house was built for the huntsman, with seven individual kennels adjacent for whelping.

The first meet was held on the 5th November 1883. The hunt members wore a dark blue uniform recalling the hunt colours of the Charlton hunt, while the hunt servants were dressed in yellow and scarlet, the Duke of Richmond’s livery colours.

Sadly, the agricultural depression of the later 1880s led to the hunt being disbanded after only twelve years, in 1895, and the lower part of the building was converted into accommodation in the mid-twentieth century.

The Charlton Hunt is the earliest recorded fox hunt in the country. It was painted by the famous George Stubbs in 1759, during a nine month stay at Goodwood. The hunt members wore a dark blue uniform while the hunt servants were dressed in yellow and scarlet, the Duke of Richmond's livery colour.

Charlton Hunt

Hound Lodge, the Stables and the Kennels at Goodwood taken from a late nineteenth-century print of "hunting centres".

Charlton Hunt

Hound log book - 1737.

History of Hound Lodge

Lady Louisa Lennox by George Romney.
Daughter of the 4th Marquess of Lothian, Lady Louisa was the wife of Lord George Lennox and mother of the 4th Duke of Richmond. Famously eccentric, she is depicted with her spaniel and dressed in a riding habit in the Charlton Hunt colours.

History of Hound Lodge

Charles, 3rd Duke of Richmond by George Romney.
The Duke is shown in middle age, reading a book, a brief respite from the many cares that demanded his attention throughout his life.

A Victorian Hunt

A late Victorian photograph of ladies riding side saddle with the Goodwood Hunt.

Goodwood Hunt at The Kennels in 1883

A meet of the Goodwood Hunt at The Kennels in 1883. By this date, the Kennels had been converted into accommodation for the hunt servants with the new kennels (Hound Lodge) being built behind.

Inspecting the hounds of the Goodwood Hunt

The Earl of March (later 7th Duke of Richmond) inspecting the hounds of the Goodwood Hunt with one of the hunt servants. Lord March was Master of the newly formed Goodwood Hunt.

A TraditionalHunting LodgeFor the 21st century

Charlton Hunt

Hound Lodge receives you as if you were returning home. Where else would you find a country retreat already full of the things you love the most?

You, your guests and your dogs are offered the very warmest of welcomes. With your own private butler service you will not have to lift a finger (or paw) as you are treated to everything you could possibly need to enjoy your time at Goodwood.

Yet true to its past, Hound Lodge also remains a fully functioning sporting lodge with a dramatic sense of history. It takes inspiration from Glenfiddich, the family's sporting lodge in Scotland where they went every year after Raceweek for the grouse-shooting, deer stalking, fishing and a holiday. In each of the rooms are dog bowls and baskets as well as original paintings and prints that reveal the significance of Hound Lodge and its hounds, and why they have never been forgotten.

TheInterior Design

Hound Lodge will be decorated as a sporting lodge for the twenty-first century, referencing themes in the family history of the Dukes of Richmond and Gordon.

Comfortable and stylish, the simple interiors, will be colourful and fresh, with touches of elegance: shuttered windows, wood and stone floors, rugs and an eclectic mix of fine contemporary furniture and carefully selected antiques.

Each of the bedrooms will be unique with pictures and archive photographs relating to the family's sporting heritage. In particular, reference will be made to Glenfiddich Lodge, the sporting lodge on the Gordon Castle estate in Scotland, which was owned by the family and visited by Queen Victoria. Ultimately, guests of Hound Lodge should feel they are totally at home in a very private setting.

TheEntrance Hall

Bedroom at The Hound Lodge
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When you step inside Hound Lodge for the first time everything already feels familiar. The cosy interiors instantly help you to shrug off the outside world and unwind. As your butler whisks your luggage off to your rooms, your dogs will already be searching out their favourite basket by the open hearth with its roaring fire. Meanwhile, you can settle into an armchair with tea and a toasted crumpet or set off to discover the other delights of your home at Goodwood.


Bedroom at The Hound Lodge
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It is not only the plump mattress filled with wool from the sheep that graze on the Goodwood Estate that encourages you to rest that little bit longer at Hound Lodge. Each of your ten rooms is entirely unique and furnished with hand picked pieces that you will not find anywhere else. Here you will find the peace and solitude to nod off after a busy day. If your own dog chooses to leap from its covers and onto yours, lie back down and enjoy the prospect of reading the papers over a breakfast in bed unlike any other.


Bootroom at The Hound Lodge
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After a busy day spent out of doors on the Goodwood Estate, here you will return to the hub of the household. Drop your boots on the flagstone floor and leave your things on the baize table to be collected and returned clean, taking the time to enjoy the fabulous teas or something a little stronger prepared by your butler. As your dogs shake off the mud and bound indoors you can look forward to sinking into your favourite sofa or retiring to your room before dinner is served.

TheDining Room

Dining Room at The Hound Lodge
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Ringing with the sound of laughter or the clinking of glasses, the magnificent dining room is a focal point at Hound Lodge. Here you can entertain at your leisure, with deliciously simple dishes or more intricate menus prepared by your own private chef. Carefully selected wines provide the perfect accompaniment to the meats, cheeses and other fresh, seasonal produce that arrives at the pantry door from Goodwood’s organic lowland farm. As always, your butler is on-hand to cater for your every need as you enjoy a night in the company of your guests.


Pieces of a Wedgwood Hunting Scene china tea service used for the delicious afternoon tea.

One of a pair of fire side chairs from the Entrance Hall.

Antlers which will feature on the wall in the boot room.

A vintage luggage stand, a feature in each bedroom.

Fire bellows for the drawing room fireplace, given to Hound Lodge by The Duchess of Richmond & Gordon.

Each bedroom will have scrumptious homemade biscuits stored in a beautiful vintage biscuit tin.

Unique antique dressing table sets found in every bedroom.

Monogrammed bedroom coat hanger.

An old fashioned hunting horn found in the boot room.

Cosy hot water bottle with cashmere covers in every room.

A vintage shooting stick from the boot room.

The Earl of March (later 7th Duke of Richmond) as Master of the Goodwood Hunt, circa 1885.

An antique collection of a cold painted hunting scene.

An antique wool work dog portrait.

The Hound LodgeWaiting Staff


Guests will be greeted on arrival by the Hound Lodge butler. The butler will unpack the bags, store any guns, clean boots and shoes, manage any dogs and serve the food and drink wherever and whenever is required.

The butler will be discreet but not invisible, knowing the likes and dislikes of each recurring customer without fuss. The butler will be on call using a bell system from all rooms in Hound Lodge.

TheHouse Maid

A house maid will also be in attendance to look after the guests’ more personal needs during their stay such as drawing baths, providing hot water bottles, fresh linen and towels as required.


Food is served in a very particular way, focusing wholeheartedly on how food might have been served at a sporting lodge for family and guests. It has the capacity to be very formal, but more often than not it is inviting, warm and discreetly familiar.

Our Chef works from the pantry kitchen and is discreet but not invisible. In the same way that he would have been known to the family party, he will be a familiar figure to the guests. His kitchen feels domestic and will be left open to allow guests to help themselves 24 hours a day.

TheNight Porter

Overnight, a porter will be available to attend to any other of the guests needs.

TheValdo Woodland

Step out through the arcade of flint and brick arches into the courtyard at the back of Hound Lodge and you will be plunged into a picturesque world. The mesmerising view of the woodland lies before you with breathtaking views of the Downs stretching beyond.

The Valdo Woodlands

A view through the Valdo Woodland.

The Valdo Woodlands

Hound Lodge and The Valdoe from the apex of the axial avenue dreamed up by the second Duke of Richmond in the early 1720s.

Corporate Offering

Formal meetings can be held in the Dining Room, break out sessions can be facilitated around the Lodge, with full presentation and audio services available for use in both the Lodge or in the beautiful library at the Kennels.

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theGlorious Hounds

At Hound Lodge the bedrooms are named after ten hounds of the 'Glorious Twenty-Three' of 1738. Writing in his journal at the time, the 2nd Duke of Richmond described their 57-mile chase from 7.45am to 5.50pm on Friday, 26 January 1738 as "the greatest chase that ever was."


Born of Madam and Mounter in 1737, Dido was the avowed leader of the pack. No one at Goodwood could remember a faster, leaner and more energetic hound. He was simply the most athletic of all the pack with boundless reserves of energy. Rather strange considering both his parents were notorious slouches after a long runabout.


Despite his gathering years, records show that Pompey was still lithe enough to father one dog and four bitches just a few years before he passed away. By 1739 he was semi-retired but the master kept him on because of his knack of inspiring the younger members of the pack to run faster or jump higher.


Young, precocious and daring, you would often find out at the front of the pack. Unofficially Dido’s deputy, he later joined with Ringwood's pedigree through Royster and Curious to Ranter, creating a lineage of distinction that would last for several decades at Goodwood.


Despite his age, Musick was one of the more playful hounds in the group. As his name suggests, he was easy on the ear as well as being easy on the eye. His bark was never gruff and he seemed to glide over the fields. Guests were often heard to remark on his gracefulness, even as the pack was scrambling through hedgerows and briars.


More likely to be found at the foot of his master than out in the yard with the other hounds, Edmund was a faithful old-timer. By 1739, his eyes might not have been what they once were but he could sniff out the catch from a good distance and still prove his worth with extraordinary intelligence in the chase.


A rambunctious character from the first day until his early passing in 1740, Rifle inspired an unprecedented period of mourning among the pack. Probably the most free-spirited hound the Hunt had ever seen, his impulsive nature led him into trouble on more than a few occasions but he always managed to escape without a scratch.


Twelve years in the pack meant Peggy was accustomed to being spoilt by her masters. She was always first in line at supper time and rarely missed her chance for a second helping. A little on the heavy side, it didn’t stop her running full pelt with the younger members of the pack out on the Downs.


With a rather haughty nature, perhaps because he knew that he had been ‘cast’ by the second Duke himself, Ringwood was equally charmless and fearless. The father of Ruby, he was also fiercely protective of her around the other hounds and kept a watchful eye on any new blood introduced into the pack.


For all her father’s shielding from the other hounds, Ruby was a promiscuous young thing. Later she became the mother of Charlton’s most famous hound – Ringwood ‘41. Yet within three weeks of her introduction to the pack in 1739 she had already gathered a fine reputation for her bravery in the face of adversity.


‘Drawn’ into the Hunt at a very early age, Walcut had won the hearts of each of the Whips with his work rate and sheer stamina. Fearless in the chase and quick to the kill, he was also a bit of a show-off. In his later years he seemed to mellow but never showed any signs of pulling up when it came to a flat race among the hounds.

TheGoodwood Estate

A haven for peace and tranquility

Away from everything and let off the leash there are 12,000 acres to explore across the Goodwood Estate. The sense of freedom you find here is just one draw. For over three hundred years, friends and guests have been attracted to the Estate by its sporting reputation. Horseracing, motorsport, golf, flying, shooting and cricket were all introduced by enthusiastic, not to mention fiercely competitive, family members.

In the Festival of Speed, the Qatar Goodwood Festival, and Goodwood Revival, the Estate is home to three of the biggest sporting events in the British social calendar. Seen from the air out of the aerodrome or a racing car speeding around the circuit, few other places can boast Goodwood's unique connection between past and present that gives life to this great estate.

Goodwood Estate

After a busy day spent out of doors on the Goodwood Estate, here you will return to the hub of the household. Drop your boots on the flagstone floor and leave your things on the baize table to be collected and returned clean, taking the time to enjoy the fabulous teas or something a little stronger prepared by your butler. As your dogs shake off the mud and bound indoors you can look forward to sinking into your favourite sofa or retiring to your room before dinner is served.

TheBenefits of being a hound lodger

An inexhaustive list of indulgences for
all guests (human or hound)

  • Arrival by chauffeur from the aerodrome
  • Greeted on arrival by the Lodge’s private butler
  • A place to rest your paws
  • Tasty morsels from around the grounds
  • High-octane heritage
  • 12,000 acres in which to roam free
  • Breakfast in bed – every day (ladies only)
  • Ultimate Driving adrenaline rides
  • Rubbing shoulders with history
  • Sight of Stubbs’ and Canaletto’s finest
  • No others to lay claim to your territory
  • Picnic hampers in the Downs
  • Anytime tee time on either course
  • Racing the legendary 1.16 mile hillclimb
  • Indulgent spa treatments
  • A vigorous rub down
  • Pushing the limits in a Spitfire
  • A cosy corner to curl up in
  • Getting lost in the long grass
  • Elevenses at any hour
  • Unlimited treats in the pantry
  • Muddy paws washed clean in the boot room
  • Afternoon tea ready and waiting
  • A private snug for lazy days
  • Nooks and crannies to explore
  • Roaring open fires
  • Medicinal tots to warm against the cold
  • Feet up on the sofa
  • A warm basket and rug
  • A well-stocked wine cellar
  • The chance to dress up
  • The chance to dress down
  • Delectable seasonal ingredients
  • After-dinner drinks and cigars in the courtyard
  • Eclectic artefacts with a glorious past
  • Dog bowls in every room
  • Mattresses stuffed with wool from the Goodwood flock
  • Guns cleaned and ready for tomorrow’s shoot
  • A hand-drawn bath
  • Fine linen and plump pillows
  • Hot water bottles
  • Moonlit views of the Valdoe
  • Room to chase your tail
  • Bounding out of the back door at daybreak
  • A home away from home

YourCountry Retreat

Whether you come seeking thrills or simply the chance to relax, Hound Lodge offers you exclusive access to the entire Goodwood experience.

For golf enthusiasts, the clubhouse and first tee at The Kennels are just a stone’s throw from Hound Lodge. Therapies and personal beauty treatments are available in-room, while your guests can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the grounds as soon as they leave the front door.

For the more adventurous, the racecourse, motor circuit and aerodrome are close by, offering escapades on the ground or in the skies above. Take your party flying, off-roading, walking or shooting and come back to find everything just the way you want it.

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